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Our intuitive fax-to-email software provides end users a secure, modern experience that brings a new touch to the technology. Request a Demo.



Cybersecurity remains a top priority for healthcare and medical offices, but fax-to-email becomes a necessity when professionals are working from home or on the road.

  • Secure: Your data is secure with our fax-to-email system.
  • Efficient: Increase your productivity with our efficient communication software.
  • Compliant: Our software is HIPAA-compliant, meeting the highest industry standards.

Go to market with our premium fax-to-email platform that provides an easy-to-use, interactive portal for end-users to send and receive faxes securely and efficiently. Users get the efficiency of email with the security of a traditional fax system since fax connects users over a single phone line instead of the internet. This secure option for transferring client information is particularly preferred by medical professionals.


Protect Your Patients' Data

The majority of data breaches come from lost or stolen cellphones or iPads, so keep your patient information safe on the cloud through our fax-to-email portal. The platform ensures efficiency without storing any documents directly on a device. Furthermore, fax protects documents from spam or viruses, since they can’t be attached to the phone line. The portal also ensures your documents end up with the correct user, offering additional security and file tracing compared to email alone.

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Voice & Collaboration Services That Will Make You Fell Like You are in the Same Office.

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Voice & Collaboration Services That Will Make You Fell Like You are in the Same Office.

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Voice & Collaboration Services That Will Make You Fell Like You are in the Same Office.

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    A cloud communications platform dedicated to service providers and organizations in need of robust enterprise PBX, video, presence, instant messaging

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      All you need is Control, cost-efficiency, continuity and convenience – Just some of the benefits moving to a hosted solution could bring your business

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    Perfect example is all this thing you can see in our modern life that push as to do what ever you like or not based on that question all people can have communication through cloud.


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